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Why Web Portals Are So Important?

Why Web Portals Are So Important?

Web Portal
A particularly designed website that serves as the single point of access for information is called as a web portal.  Web portals can be accessible from multiple platforms like personal computers, smartphones and other electronic devices.
Web portals often provide a particular look and feel for organizations and enterprises, and also provide access control and procedures. A web portal is considered to be a library of personalized and categorized content. They may include the search navigation, personalization, notification and information integration, and often offers the features like task management, collaboration, and business intelligence and application integration.

Why is a web portal needed for every business?

A web portal of a business provides information taken from internal or external systems of the operator to target groups of users. Based on their identity,  it can be regarded as a portal solution. The web portal is operated on a platform, which eliminates dependence on just one supplier.
The web portal platform is efficient and robust to facilitate further smooth development of the portal and meet ever-increasing demands for new functionality.
The term Extranet is often associated with the web portal concept, and strictly speaking a specific extranet category (B2B or B2C) is always part of the web portal. The web portal contains a part that provides data from internal systems to suppliers (B2B) or clients (B2C = client zone). On the other hand, the web portal enables data to be placed in internal systems.

The term Intranet means connecting to the corporate web portal, which is rare and happens at the level of document sharing or the sharing of certain data, but only to a limited extent. One advantage is a solution enabling data to be shared on one platform, both on the Internet and the corporate intranet.”

Main Features of a Business Web Portal

  • A single method of user sign-in and records.
  • Active user interaction.
  • Central access to otherwise decentralized, retained information, i.e. integration of internal and external data sources.
  • Personalize content option for target user groups (e.g. clients, suppliers and employees), at a specified level of security.
  • A powerful search core, capable of including all information sources.
  • A strong operating platform enabling the full use and development of the portal, which provides the tools for simple, decentralized management.
  • Support for various client platforms (multi channel communication) and the ability to exchange data in a structured format.
  • The right type of information architecture, which supports the goals of the portal and enables large amounts of information to be presented in a clearly laid out and user-friendly way.

Goals of a Business Web Portal

A business web portal tends to have a whole range of goals specific for each client. But all of them have the following in common:

Supporting the business goals of the client

The web portal is often the only way you can come into contact with your target groups. It will determine the success of your goods or services, and more generally the satisfaction of the target user. Yes – a corporate web portal should generate income.

Lowering the burden on dispatch (improving self-service capability) 

Easy to navigate and user-friendly interface makes it easy for user requests to be met and therefore reducing the need for additional services.


Plenty of information, which is presented the right way, should educate the user.

A strong communication tool

The portal is always a website, and is an important communication channel to inform customers. But it is also a means for them to inform us – both as feedback (contact form, advice and questions), and indirectly through analyses of visitor behaviour (visitor analysis).


Simplification as well as automation of data transfer.

Advantages of a Business Web Portal

Information sharing made simple

Posting enough information about your products and services will greatly increase your sales. A web portal gives the opportunity to prove your credibility.

Standing out from the competition

Track everything. Access information that will tell you how many people visited your site, or how many people messaged or emailed you and view the progress of your website and  all of its pages. These days, portal solutions (Telco and Utility) are seen as standard and any possible shortcomings they display are a clear competitive disadvantage.

Improved service for users

Users expect that they can do most of their activities on-line, without having to visit a branch of the company. Increased loyalty is another benefit, resulting from a user-friendly solution.

Reduced expenditure on customer support

Simple set-up for cost effective and effortless project management.

Increased income

Thanks to the opportunity of the advantages to upsell and cross-sell offers, or due to a simplified purchasing process.

Better contact/interact with users

Build better relationships with your customers by the help of advantages of communication and educational potential.

Professional look and branding

Links are very important to viral marketing. A web portal is more environmentally friendly when it comes to advertising and marketing.